Lobs & Bobs – This Season’s Hottest Trend

Lobs & Bobs – This Season’s Hottest Trend

Short hair is making a comeback this season and Milano is on board! Lobs & Bobs are everywhere and if you can’t commit to cutting your hair, we have one solution for you – a Milano Wig! We’ve taken inspiration from some of our favorite gals rocking this trend and we are here for it. Click each image to see our wig recreations! 

“Lob” or Long Bob 


Lob with Layers 


A-Line Bob 


Square Bob


Graduated Bob


If you want to follow the hottest hair trend of the season but don’t want to commit to short hair, an effortless way to change up your look in an instant is to purchase one of our lavish lobs! It’s a great way to start your wig wearing experience and it WILL lead the way to your future wig wearing obsession. Here are a few things YOU need to know about our lavish lobs before you take the plunge.

Lobs & Bobs can work for ALL face shapes!


For rounder face shapes we recommend longer and layered lobs. Blunt cuts tend to accentuate the roundness of the face, and one length all around tends to bring attention to the face shape. Keeping the hair length longer and past the chin will slim the face shape and be more flattering. For more structured face shapes we recommend going for shorter lengths but an all around straight cut. Depending on the length of your face, tailor the length of your lob / bob to what you want to accentuate! Keeping one length all around will accentuate the angles of your face.

The cut of shorter wigs is critical to how the wig will look on you, since all face shapes are different!

At Milano, we start by cutting each piece on a mannequin and laying the structure of the haircut first. Afterwards, we personalize each haircut on our clients! Every individual has a different length of short wigs that will work with their features, and we want to be sure that our wig is perfect for you. We finish the final cut of every lob and bob and a client to fine tune every detail and make sure it sits at a perfect length. 

Have fun with color!  

Have fun with your look and try colors that are out of your comfort zone! Go with a jet black bob or an icy platinum lob to make a statement with your new wig. If you just want to try out the trend without commitment but still want to go for a natural look, go for a beautiful balayage or a golden honey hue to compliment a variety of skin tones.


Don’t be afraid to take the plunge! Try out the short hair trend with absolutely no commitment. See more styles of our lobs & bobs HERE & don’t be afraid to see it for yourself! 

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