New Year, New Hair, New You!

New Year, New Hair, New You!

With the New Year fast approaching – our #MilanoBabes are on the hunt for a new look for 2019. We’ve predicted some trends for the New Year and we are LIVING for these looks!

The biggest hair trend we’re loving for the new year is the shift towards healthy and natural hair. Our locks just can’t keep up with all these new hair trends! Ditch the bleach, cut off those split ends, and get yourself a Milano Wig! Our wigs are the most natural looking on the market – no one will even know it’s a wig! Change up your look in an instant and follow any trend you love with no hassle!

Here are some of our favorite hair trends that we’ve replicated into our Precut Gallery so that you can be ahead of the upcoming 2019 hair trends.

Creamy Blondes with Natural Rooting

Ditch the platinum and go for a creamier shade. Beige blondes, sandy blondes, and golden blondes are making a comeback for 2019. For all our blonde bombshells – you’re going to love these wigs!


Image by
Image by
























Face Framing Highlights

Face framing highlights are everywhere and are going to be huge in the New Year. These pieces act as a contour for any face shape and will draw attention to your beautiful features.


Image by @hairerik
Image by @romeufelipe
























High Contrast Dimension

In 2018 subtle dimension and balayage took the cake. But, for 2019 we’re going to see more detailed dimension with contrasting colors! A mix of complex highlights and lowlights will help you make a statement in our wigs for the New Year.

Image by
Image by @hairerik





















Change up your look in an instant AND  follow all the trends you want for the New Year! The beauty of wig wearing is that you don’t have to pick and choose which trend you want to follow. Buy a wig and change up your look in seconds! Shop our Precut Gallery to find your next look! 



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